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April 2012 WSR – Provence dégustation – Rose’s

A. Provence

1.Sparkling wine (from Provence region, sparklers are not part of the AOC)

Château de Saint Martin NV “Bulles de Rose”      pd 22.95 OG
Cinsault and Syrah
2. Côtes de Provence

a. Domaine Fontanyl 2010       pd 12.99 Sch.

b. Château d’Esclans “Whispering Angel”     pd 15.99 TW
Listed producer in Classement, wine rated at 14/20

c. Château d’Esclans 2009 “Garrus”
80-year old Grenache and Rolle Aged on oak 10 months. SRP Fr = 80€, retail US = 99.99
Listed producer in Classement, wine rated at 15/20
d. Domaine La Courtade 2010 “L’Alycastre”     pd 12.59 Sch.
Grenache, Tibouren, Mourvèdre
1-star producer in Classement, the 2010 rated at 16/20

e. Domaine St-André de Figuière 2010 Veilles Vignes   pd 19.99 Sch.
50% mourvèdre, 25% cinsault, 25% grenache
Listed producer in Classement, this wine rated at 14/20

f. Gassier Sables d’Azur 2011     SRP = $13 to $15

g. Domaine Sorin 2011 « Terra Amata »   SRP = $11.99
30% grenache, 15% cinsault, 15% mourvèdre, 15% syrah, 15% carignan, 8% rolle, 2% ugni

h. Château Peyrassol 2011        pd 17.99 K&L
i. Commanderie de Peyrassol 2011     pd 22.99 K&L

j. Saint Roch des Vignes 2010     pd 12.99 Gel
 50% Cinsault, 50% Grenache

k. Château Roubine 2011      SRP $19.99
 Cinsault, grenache, cabernet sauvignon, carignan, tibouren, syrah, mourvèdre

l. Château l’Afrique 2011
 60% grenache, 30% cinsault, 10% syrah

m. Château Léoube 2011
 Syrah, cinsault, grenache, mourvèdre

n. Domaine de Saint Ser « Prestige » 2011    SRP 18.99
 Cinsault 40%, grenache 30%, syrah, rolle
3. Coteaux Varois en Provence

a. Château Margüi 2011     SRP = $19.99 to 24.99
 50% cinsault, 50% grenache (Ecocert organic, bio next year)
4. Coteaux d’Aix Provence

a. Domaine La Rabiotte 2010        pd unk. TW
 70% grenache, 20% cinsault, 10% syrah

b. Château du Seuil 2010       pd 11.69 Sch.
 40% syrah, 40% grenache, 20% cabernet sauvignon

c. Château Vignelaure 2011 « La Source »
 50% grenache, 40% cinsault, 10% syrah  1-star producer in Classement, rated at 13.5/20
d. Château Vignelaure 2011    List price in France = 12.50€
 40% grenache, 30% syrah, 30% cabernet sauvignon
 1-star produer in Classement, rated at 14/20

e. Commanderie de la Bargemone 2011     SRP = $16 to $19
 36% grenache, 21% cinsault, 20% syrah, 17% cabernet saugvignon, 3% carignan, 3% ugni blanc

B. Bandol (is its own AOC, but surrounded by Provence AOC)


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March 2012 WSR – Burgundy with a Twist

The March tasting at Scotts turned out to be a good tasting for those not familure with burgandy wines and to give them a taste of what French pinot should taste like compared to California… oh that was the twist!!  Here was the lineup:

O – Bugey- Cerdon la Cueille – Sparkling Wine, Poncin France                                    $16.

 Flight 1

 1 – Three Saints – Pinot Noir- Santa Maria Valley                                                        $17

 2 – Michel Sarrazin – Givry      – Sous La Roche                                                          $23

 3 – Lousi Jadot – Beaune Les Avaux –                                                              $37

 4– Marsannay – Les Longeroies – Regis Bourvir                                                           $28

 Flight 2

 5 – Morgon – Pinot Noir – Twelve Clones – Santa Lucia Highlands                  $25

 6 – Thierry et Pascale Matrot – Meursault                                                                     $33

 7 – Louis Latour – Marsannay – Cote – D’Or                                                  $16

 8- Albert Bichot – Domaine du Pavillon Beaune Les Epenottes                          $30

 Flight 3

 9- Domaine Faiveley – Mercurey Clos Des Myglands – Premier Cru                 $32

 10 – Thierry et Pascale Matrot Monthelie                                                                      $30

 11– Hamilton Russell Vineyards – Pinot Noir, Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, So.Africa  $37

 12- Domaine Du Chateau De Chorey – Beaune Les Teurons                             $60

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WSR – September 2011 – Charlene’s Surprises

Every Septemeber the wine group meets after the summer break to start the year off on Charlene’s patio to see what adventure she was on for the summer, this year was no exception, she went to Rhode Island!   The tasting did not include all wines from that region as she actually included wines from other areas as well, France, Italy, Argentina and California.  Food dishes were made to go with the wines and they were very tasty indeed.  I will look forward to next year to see what region she ventures too!

Here was the lineup:

O – Jaffelin Cremant de Bourgogne – Blanc de Blanc Brut  %100 Chard               $12.99

O – Blason de Bourgogne Cremant de Bourgonge – Brut Rose, 90% Pinot Noir, 10% Gamany  $10.99

1. Sigalas Asirtiko Athiri 2010 – Santorini Greece – 75% Assyrtiko, 25% Athiri      $13.99

2. Colli di Luni  2010 – Vermentino – Lynae, Italy                                      $12.99

3.  Bodega Norton 2009 –  Torrontes – Mendoza River Valley, Argentina                 $7.99

4. Colli di Luni 2010 – Vermentino – Terenzuola Estate, Italy          $17.99

5. Newport Vineyards 2010- Gewurztraminer, Rhode Island           $18.99

6. Newport Vineyards 2009 – Cab Franc & Cabernet , Rhode Island        $16.99

7. Newport Vineyards 2009 – Landot Noir, Rhode Island                         $19.99

8. Newport Vineyards 2009 – Cabernet Franc, Rhode Island                   $19.99

9. Ridge 2008 – 72%zin, 20% Carignane, 6% pet. Sirah, 2% Mataro – Geyserville, Ca   $31.00

10. Ridge 2008 – 74% zin, 21% Pet Sirah, 5% Carignane – Lytton Springs – Dry Creek Valley  $27.99

11. Titan Hills Vineyards 2008  – Fiasco – Zin, Pet. Syrah, Barbara – Paso Robles         $6.99

12.  Ridge 2009 – Pono Zinfandel – 98% Zin, 2% Petite Sirah – Russian River             $24.99

13.  Ridge 2008 – Pagani Ranch –  85% Zin, 10% Alicante Bonschet, 3% Pet. syrah, 2% Carignane – Sonoma- $29.99

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WSR – April “The Great Debate” Tasting

Aprils gathering at Dads (Gerry’s) was an educational experience.  As he wrote in his
introduction  – “I am setting this up as a challenge, and a bit of fun.” 

Last summer at the annual SWE convention, Ed Korry set up a formal debate (a real one
with an advocate and rebuttal and then a second for the proposition and another rebuttal)
on the issue of whether wine prices and wine quality were correlated.  It was a fun event
and I scribbled notes as best I could and captured most of it which is attached here for
you review prior to the Tuesday event.  At the SWE we only got to do 4 wines, so I have
expanded this to include a spread of:
–the sparklers (yes, even they will be brown-bagged!)
–6 whites
–a pair of roses
–6 reds

It was very interesting and everyone jumped right in to the task at hand when they arrived.
As the group went through the process of #1 guessing what price mark the wine was at and
#2 which they thought was the best quality of wine of the two, it was clear that everyone
has an opinion as to what they thought  the wine is worth and really a mixed bag as to what was
everyones favorite! 

There were 10 people making the guesses so I have put the vote count under the wine of
where each person thought the wine price should fall. 
After the actual price of the wine I put an (F) to show the group favorite of the two wines.

Sparker 1 – Roderer Anderson Valley NV                                                       $15
                 $7=1 $15=4  $25=2   $35=3  $50=0

Sparker 2 – Roderer Champagne NV                                                                 $40(F)
                 $7=1  $15=1  $25=3   $35=5  $50=0


#1 – Chateau St-Jean des Graves, Graves blank 2008                              $14(F)
                $7=4  $15=6  $25=0   $35=0  $50=0

#2 – chateau Haut-Bergey, Pessac-Leognan 2004                                    $38(F)
                 $7=1  $15=4  $25=5   $35=0  $50=0
#3 – Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, Alto Adige 2009                              $21
                $7=0  $15=6  $25=3   $35=1  $50=0

#4 – Le Measure Pinot Grigio, Venezia Giulia IGT 2009                          $12(F)
               $7=2  $15=1  $25=3   $35=3  $50=1
#5 – Nickel & Nickel Russian River Chardonnay, Searby Vineyard 2008 $36(F)
                $7=2  $15=4  $25=2   $35=2  $50=0

#6 – Buehler Chardonnay, Russian River 2009                                           $12
                $7=0  $15=5  $25=4   $35=1  $50=0

#7 – Domaine Gros-Nore, Bandol 2009                                                         $29(F)
                 $7=1  $15=5  $25=3   $35=1  $50=0

#8 – Domaine ott, Bandol 2009                                                                         $34
                $7=1  $15=3  $25=4   $35=2  $50=0


#9 – St. Inocent Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, Villages Cuvee, 2009 $20
                 $7=0  $15=5  $25=4   $35=1  $50=0

#10 – Beaux-Freres Willamete Valley Pinot Noir 2007                          $45(F)
                  $7=0  $15=0  $25=6   $35=4  $50=0
#11 – Produttori del Barbaresco, Barbaresco, Reserve 2009               $50
                  $7=1  $15=0  $25=4   $35=5  $50=0

#12 – Porducttore del Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Lange 2009                     $18(F)
                 $7=0  $15=0  $25=0   $35=3  $50=7
#13 – Perrin et Fils, La Gille, Gigondas 2007                                                 $26
                  $7=0  $15=0  $25=6   $35=4  $50=0

#14  La Font de Vent Cotes-du-Rhone, “Notre Passion” 2007               $14(F)
                  $7=0  $15=0  $25=1   $35=6  $50=3
I think the learning process here is that everyone has an opinion as to what they
feel is a wine of there preference and also an option of what they would pay for
that bottle of wine.  The interesting thing is that in some cases the cheap
wine showed better than the expensive wine so what ever the outcome, we really don’t
know the real answers, just what wines we really prefer when all said and done!

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WSR February 2011 California Oldies

February tasting was a late unexpected gathering since our original intent was to taste melbecs at the Brinkerhoffs,  David stood in to cover this months tasting so we thank him for that!

Wow, as David has been doing over the past year, he has been sharing some his cellar holdings to show us how the old stuff is holding up or not, and to really demonstrate that California Vineyards can produce some incredible wines that will last for decades.  Fortunately for all of us on this night we were able to see what “35 year old” wines tasted like and for the most part some incredibly well!!

 Below is the line up of which we tasted, so enjoy the list as the rest of us enjoyed the wines.  We do wish a speedy recovery to those that could not be with us on this night.

A. NV Laurent-Perrier Brut L.P. Champagne  (about 10 years old)
1. 1998 Byington Santa Cruz County Viognier (only 12 yr. old)
2. 1989 Caymus Napa Zinfandel ( only 21 yr. old)
3. 2003 Schrader Napa Old Vine Charbono, (head pruned Tofanelli Vineyard) (a mere baby of 7)
4. 1989 Rabbit Ridge Zinfandel, 85% Dry Creek & 15% Russian River (another young adult of 21)
5. 1978 Montclair Winery Sonoma Zinfandel, Limerick Lane Vineyards, (the winery was in Oakland, CA. (this 32 year old Zin was one of the favorites of the evening, even though the wine press generally says that Zin. does not age)
6. 1976 Hop Kiln Winery, Russian River Zinfandel (a mere 34 years old)
7. 2004 Schrader Old Vine Napa Zinfandel (Ira Carter Vineyard) (the 6 year old baby of the evening)
8. 1976 Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon (another 34 year old from this family owned winery that moved to St. Helena in 1934, although, not listed on the label the grapes were from Sonoma’s Monte Rossa Vineyard) (the group favorite of the evening)
9 . 1978 Villa Mt. Eden Napa, (Oakville) cabernet Sauvignon (another 32 year old)
10. 1994 Robert Keenan Napa (Spring Mountain) Cabernet Sauvignon (a 16 year old teenager)
11. 1981 Robert Keenan Napa (Spring Mountain) Cabernet Sauvignon (a 29 year older brother to the teen)
12. 1985 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill Cabernet Sauvgnon, Napa (Diamond Mountain) (25 year old)
13 . 1977 Montevina Estate Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon (a 33 year old Shenandoah Valley, Amador County Cab.)

*1988 Vichon Napa Merlot (this 22 year old was BAD (not just one that had not aged gracefully) which reminds us that not all bottles age well)

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Sonoma and Williams Seylem Weekend

A few weeks ago for a long weekend in Northern California wine country, a small group (11) of our Pinot group were able to enjoy the country side and fine wine, walk through the forest of vineyards on hilltops and valleys to enjoy a few of the producers of Pinot Noir and a few others along the Russian River Valley and Sonoma coast. 

This trip headed by our leader John Slater had a purpose, to visit a long time friend and wine maker Burt Williams (formally of Williams Seylem), coordinate dinners and gather wines that Bert and partner created in the early to late 90s made from a variety of vineyards. Through many Pinot group members and including Bert, a slew of wines were obtained and served at two dinner sittings at Dry Creek  Kitchen and Santi Restaurant.  (I have listed the wines below from the two sittings)

Over the course of the weekend we had tours at Williams Seylem new wine facility, Olivet Lane, Hirsch Vineyard, Brogan Cellars and a tasting at Selby winery.

Hirsch Vineyard

We really enjoyed the private tours at the mentioned facilities and tasting the new release of wines but one that stood out the most and was so appreciated was David Hirsch vineyards in the mountains up the coast line north of the Russian River Outlet.  He was very personable and really gave the group a real feeling as to what the process and history of his vineyard had gone through and continues to progress into making great wine, and it showed.

On Sunday through the numberous calls from Bert’s wife Jan, to her daughter, she scheduled a meeting for those still in the area to visit Margi and taste a few of her wines and hear about her story since Bert had been out of the business for nearly 10 years.  Margi is producing great wines and seems to have the touch in making great Pinot noir like that of her father. 

Margi of Brogan Cellars

I could go on and on over this weekend but I will just post the wines we drank for this special weekend and hope those who read this can and will enjoy wines from any of these producers as you will be experiencing quality at it’s finest.  I did not take notes on the Hirsh (I did buy wine) and Olivit Lane so anyone who can provide some additional details would be most helpful.

Selby wines were wonderful and we took her by surprise in her tasting room.  We tasted through all of here wines and ones that came to mind for me were the Sauvignon blanc and a non released sweet Simillon (get some) that was like liquid gold Saturn’s!    Her Pinot’s were great and she so graciously went back to her cellar and brought in some barrel samples of her upcoming releases.  She really has brought forth quality wines and look forward to drinking them again.

Thursday night we went to a Willi’s Wine Bar in Healdsburg which is a tapas style restaurant and had the following Wines:

Blanc Fume’ de Pouilly by Didier Dugueneoue
Cote- Rotie – E. Guigal
Jessie’s Grove – Carignane (02)
LeRoy Montagny (02)
chateau Certan, Pomerol (79)
Justin Justification (96)
Friday night – Dry Creek Kitchen 
Vueve Cliquot  1996 
Williams Seylem Sonoma County 1996
Williams Seylem Sonoma Coast 1996
Williams Seylem Sonoma Coast 1997
Williams Seylem Summa  1995
Williams Selyem Prescious Mtn 1996  
Williams Selyem Prescious Mtn 1997
Williams Selyem Coastlands 1996
Williams Selyem Coastlands 1997

Williams Selyem Olivet Lane 1993
Williams Selyem Olivet Lane 1996
Williams Selyem Olivet Lane 1997
Williams Seylem Allen 1992
Williams Seylem Allen 1994
Williams Seylem Allen 1996
Williams Selyem Allen  1997
Saturday – Santi Restaurant  
Paul Bara Brut NV 
Brogan Morning Dew Ranch  2006
Wooden Head Morning Dew Ranch  2007
Whitcraft Morning Dew Ranch 2008
Morning Dew Ranch  2008

Willams Selyem Russian River 1993
Willams Selyem Russian River 1994
Williams Selyem Riverblock 1997

Williams Selyem Cohn  1993
Williams Selyem Rochioli 1992
Williams Selyem Rochioli 1995
Williams Selyem Rochioli 1996

Willams Selyem Hirsch  1996
Williams Selyem Hirsch  1997
Williams Selyem Ferrington 1996
Williams Selyem Ferrington 1997

Brogan Cellars:


We tasted everything on her list below except the Chard and Zinfandel. 

2007 Lingenfelder Vineyard, RRV Pinot Noir
2006 Pinot Noir 10th Anniversary Cuvee, North Coast Pinot Noir
2006 Merlot Rosetti Brothers Ranch, Old River Road, Mendocino County Pinot Noir
2007 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
2007 Morning Dew Ranch, Anderson Valley Pinot Noir
2007 Buena Tierra Helio Doro block Pinot Noir ($90)

2007 My Father’s Vineyard “Margi’s Block” Pinot Noir
2006 My Father’s Vineyard “Shula’s Pond” Pinot Noir

2008 Hanson Vineyard Pinot Noir
2008 Morning Dew Ranch

2009 Anderson Valley (not released yet) Pinot Noir 

2008 My Father’s Vineyard “Jans Block” Pinot Noir 

 The highlights were the Helio Doro, My Fathers Vineyard (we bought the last few bottles).  Her 09 Anderson Valley was very good as well and you can buy futures. Then the Morning Dew was a good wine, the Merlot was a hit but was port like and 17%  alc. But lots of fruit!!

Just a great weekend and I look forward to returning and enjoying that Wine Country again!

Sonoma Trip Photos:

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WSR Thanksgiving 2010

It’s that time of the year again where we attempt to find the ultimate wine that goes with Turkey and all the fixings!  The question is… did we succeed or did we find ones that really don’t favor the main holiday feast? 

I think in some respects we are finding that some veriatals are becoming standouts such as Rieslings and Pinot Noir, other which we think will work  just don’t hold up such as the Syrahs and Sangiovese, to the dishes being served.  Not that they are bad wines, they are in fact good wines, but they just don’t mesh with turkey and the fixings!   

Below is a list of what wines were served with notes to follow.  A few out of this list that were hits was the Falanghina, Willams Selyem and other Pinot’s.  I hope you find the list useful?

O#1 – Campogrande – Orveto  07

O#2 – Tablas Creek – Roussane 07 – Paso Robles

#1 Frase, Stanza Gewerztraminer 08 – Monterey  $19.99

#2 Holly, William Fevee Chablis 05 – Chablis France

#3 Charleen, Ancien Pinot Noir 07 – Russian River $48

#4 Frase, Sarahs Vineyard Grenache 09 – Central Coast

#5 Tim, Ravens Wood Chardonnay 06 – Sonoma $15

#6 Mary, Navaroo Riesling 09 – Anderson Valley, Mendocino

#7 Gerry- Williams Selyem Pinot Noir 08 – Westside Road Neighbors Russian River $45

#8 Richard R2 – Papapietro Perry Pinot Noir 07 – Leros Family Vineyard, R. River $45

#9 Salt – Terradora DiPaolo Falanghina – Compangia 08 $12

#10 Linda – Mount Aukum winery Syrah 06 – Fairplay,  $26

#11 Scott – Podigal Pinot Noir – Santa Rita Hills, $45

#12 Derickson – Preston of Dry Creek Syrah 06

#13 Richard W. – Amador Foothill Winer Sangiovese 04, Shendoah Valley, CA $25

#14 Ries – Domain Jean Luc Dubois Beaune Bressandes Premier Cru 06, Burgundy Fr.

#15 Ries – Nuit St. George Les Cailles 1st Cru – Alain Michelot 88,  Burgundy Fr.

#16 Filippi Creme Sherry Reserve – Rancho Cucomonga

#17 Bodega Dios Baco Creme Sherry

#18 Fess Parker  Traditions Port, Santa Barbara

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WSR October 2010 – Something Old, Something New!

This months tasting done by David certainly was an enjoyable one in that we were able to taste some new vineyard wines that were very good and reasonably priced and ones that I would not have thought about purchasing, and then ones that are no longer available that were a real treat to try.  Also, to have a member and friend share his thoughts on his post 89th Birthday and still going strong, Happy Birthday Derickson!!!!

Being part of this group allows us the opportunity to try a 36-year-old wine and understand why wine is meant to cellar… because it puts a smile on your face when you see that the fruit and the balance all held up all these years and you can recall the time you purchased it but not knowing that you were going to allow 12 others enjoy in the moment.  Thanks to David for going into his cellar to allow the group an impressive set of wines for this months tasting. 

Here is the lineup for this tasting with his notes.

1. Henri Able non-vintage  Brut champagne  (probably 25+ years old, but with the nutty character of a much more expensive late disgorged champagne)

2. Francois Montand non-vintage French methode traditionalle sparkling wine  $9.99

3. 2009 Bandol Lepont rose $16.99  (lightest colour)

4. 2009 Bougrier rose D’Anjou Loire valley rose $7.99

5. 2008 Chateau Grande Cassagne Los Rameaux Costieres de nimes rose $9.99

6. 2007 River Rroad Boschetti vineyard russian river valley pinot noir $15.99

7. 1998 Bridlewood Paso Robles syrah (in with the pinots as a syrah by dan geher with significant french and russian oak)

8. 2007 Flying Goat Cellars Santa Maria Dieberg vineyard pinot noir $35.99

9. 2007 Delhinger Russian River Estate pinot noir

10. 1909 Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve Willamette Valley pinot noir

11. 1980 Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard Napa Valley cabernet

12. 2005 Chateau de Sales Pomerol $39.99 (did not show very well that night, but does have aging potential)

13. 1997 Zaca Mesa Misty Ridge old block merlot (santa barbara)

14. 1977 Trefethen Napa Estate cabernet sauvignon

15. 1974 Beaulieu Vineyard Napa Estate cabernet

16.  2000 Arvay 6 Puttonyos Hungarian Tokaji Aszu

Although we did not do a strict tabulation by any means the roses seemed mixed with the Loire being the least favorite.  The Flying Goat had the most votes for the Pinot flight.  Over all almost all hands were raised for the 74 BV Estate regular cab. making it the over all favorite of the evening as well as my personal favorite.  The 6 basket Tokaji Aszu also received many favorable comments.

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WSR – September 2010 – Coombsville Appellation (almost)

Running a little behind in posting but September on Charlene’s patio posed to be very interesting and enjoyable.  We started the evening with a Rose from Tahiti which was quite enjoyable and anyone traveling there should search this out.  We then went in to the flights tasting wines from is what to be a new California Appellation in the Napa Vally called “Coombsville”.  Currently there appears to be 12 vineyards in this general area.

This new wine making area has been in production for quite some time and the wines that were presented to us were quality wines, showing good style and flavors but not at the prices that Napa Valley is asking.  I found the Cabernet flight to be the best of the evening, followed on by the Blends.  They all went well with the food that was served.

If you are ever in the area and want to search out something new I would recommend taking a side trip from the Napa and Sonoma area and check them out.  Thanks to Charlene for introducing us to what will certainly become a wonderful wine making area.  What we tasted is listed below:

A. Porter Sandpiper Rose (2007) $20.00

B. Tahiti Rose (Rangiroa, French Polnesia (2009) $25

1.  2007 Ancien Pinot Noir $40
 (Doesn’t grow grapes, only makes Pinot Noir.  Ancien served at the White House multiple times)

2.  2007 Tulocay Syrah.  Haynes Vineyard $20
 (Bill Cadman, winemaker. Doesn’t grow grapes)

3.  2007 Black Cat vineyard Syrah $29
 (Bottle 63 of 1,900.  Tracey Reichow, owner and winemaker)

4.  2006 Farella Park vineyards. Merlot. Coombsville Divide $19
 (Founded in 1985. tom Farella leads the initiatve for the applelation)

5.  2005 Farella Park vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon $33

6.  2006 Frazier Cabernet Sauvignon $38

7.  2006 Porter Cabernet Sauvignon $60

8.  2006 Palmaz Cabernet Sauvignon $80
 (Historic vineyards since the 1880’s.  Argentine family operations, Cave-aged 22mo. in French oak. Gravity run)

9. 2004 Tournesol Proprietors blend $36
 (78% cab, 8% merlot, 6% CF, 5% melbec, 3% PV, Ann & bob Arns – Organic, Doesn not make wine, all made at Ancien Winery)

10. 2005 Farella Park Vineyards – Alta Bordeaux Blend $52
 (70% cab, 30% Merlot.  Gold medal SF international Wine Competition)

11. 2005 Sodaro Private Reserve Estate Blend
 (50% cab, 25% CF, 20% PV, 5% Malbec)

12. 2006 Frazier – Memento $66
 (Free run wines, new french oak)

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WSR June – California Italian Wines

As Summer comes upon us our group attends a very nice tasting at Holly’s house with some of Richards favorite wine verities.  What was interesting about this is that they all were produced by one Winery and really covered a small segment of Italian wine varieties  but those that can grow in the soils of California.  There were interesting ones and good ones in the group.  I do have to say that the Barbera were delightful and went well with the layered lasagna!

A.  ‘09   Botasea Rosato of Palmina – 12.5% ALC  Dolcetto/Nebbiolo/Barbera; Santa Barbara County     $18.00

1.’09   Palmina Pinot Grigio – 12.3%  ALC Santa Barbara County      $18.00

2.’09   Palmina Traminer – 11.9% ALC  Alisos Vineyard; Santa Barbara County    $18.00

3.   ’09   Palmina Tocai Friulano – 12.5% ALC  Honea Vineyard; Santa Ynez Valley      $22.00
4.   ’09   Palmina Moscato – 12.3% ALC Moscato; Honea Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley    $26.00

5.   ’07   Palmina Undici – 14.9% ALC  Sangiovese; Santa Ynez Valley     $36.00

6.   ’07   Palmina Alisos – 15.2% ALC 80% Sangiovese/20% Merlot; Santa Barbara County    $28.00

7.   ’08   Palmina Dolcetto – 14.2% ALC Santa Barbara County        $20.00

8.   ’07   Palmina Barbera – 14.8% ALC   Santa Barbara County        $22.00

9.   ‘07   Palmina Barbera – 14.0% ALC Honea Vineyard; Santa Ynez Valley    $36.00

10.   ’06   Palmina Barbera – 15.0% ALC  Zotovich Vineyard; Sta. Rita Hills        $40.00

11.   ’05   Palmina Nebbiolo – 14.8% ALC  Santa Barbara County        $30.00

12.   ’06   Palmina Savoia – 15.0% ALC  50% Nebbiolo/25% Barbera/25% Syrah; Santa Barbara County    $50.00

13.   ’07   Palmina Lagrein – 14.5% ALC  Honea Vineyard; Santa Ynez Valley      $32.00

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