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Upcoming February 2013 WSR – Super Tuscan

WSR meets at the Fraser/Overton avocado farm on Feb 5 at 7:00.  Tasting will begin at 7:30.  We will have some Italian sparkling wine and then launch into a tasting of Super Tuscan wines including an Ornellaia and a Tignanello. 

You’ll remember we tasted a Bolgheri at David Ries’ tasting last month – a DOC Bolgheri that is referred to as a Super Tuscan – or is it a Bolgheri? Super Tuscans were hot in the 90’s. They lost some of their luster after a flood of Super Tuscans came on the market – many at high prices that did not match the quality of the wine.  Are they coming back again stronger and more assuredly than before?  Just about every producer in Tuscany makes a Super Tuscan but are they super?  Does a Super Tuscan have to cost over $100 to make it Super? 

We’ll see since we will have some highly regarded wines referred to as Super Tuscan that are available for under $50.00.  Super Tuscans can be categorized into those that are 100% Sangiovese, Sangiovese blends, Merlot-based wines and Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines (or Bordeaux blends).  Some have Syrah in the mix.  There are no real rules for Super Tuscan since this is mainly a marketing term.  Some are DOC, some IGT and some undesignated.  Confused?  We’ll try to sort it out and test your ability to distinguish grape varietals. 

Mostly we’re going to have some fun seeing if these wines can be considered “Super” and find out if there are any that we might want to have in our cellars.  For more information about Super Tuscans see the articles below, they are PDf files and will open on your screen when you click on the name.

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