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January 2013 WSR – A New Years Mix

Happy New Year to one and all!  First let me me thank Charlene for allowing me to host at her home. Second let me thank Richard, Richard and Linda for all of their help in setting up, prep, and cooking.

I hope that everyone found both some food and wine that he/she liked.
Here is some information about the wines we ended up tasting that night.
Rose flight:
1.2010  MALIBU ROCKY OAK HEALDSBURG PINOT NOIR ROSE  $15 (in my opinion, and that of the group: a much lesser wine than the second Rose’)
2. 2010 LE CLOS DU CAILLOU COTES DU RHONE ROSE’ $20 (Year in and year our one of all time favorites, and that of the group this night).
Riesling flight:
3. 2006 MILL GROVE MARLBOUGH RIESLING.(NEW ZEALAND) $20 (The drier of the 2, good, but not the favorite of the group except Salt)
4. 2000 GREENWOOD RIDGE VINEYARDS (MENDOCINO RIDGE WHITE RIESLING, $20, (1.8% residual, and aging well)
Pinot Noir flight (Salmon course)
5 2006 APVIN (ANDREW P VINGLELLO) GARY’S VINEYARD, SANTA LUCIA HIGHLANDS PINOT NOIR, $50 14.5%al. ( OK, but not what I had hoped for from Gary’s,  my least favorite)
6. 2002 LUCIA GARY’S VINEYARD PINOT NOIR $55, 14.5% al. (to me this is what Gary Pissoni’s Vineyard Pinot Noir can and should taste like with 10 years age. I lie all Lucia wines and particularly the Gary’s P.N.)
7. 2003 TWOMEY RUSSIAN RIVER PINOT NOIR $50 (14.4%al., still lots of Russian River fruit from this Redlands U. graduate PN)
8. 1997 SAINTSBURY CARNEROS PINOT NOIR 13.5%al $45, (Rare, because an arson fire cost them their library wine cellar, lighter, older, lower alcohol than the others, but one of my favorites, and seemingly the group’s favorites. aging beautifully)
Added Pinot Noir:
9. 2006 BROGAN CELLARS, ANDERSON VALLEY, MY FATHER’S VINEYARD SHULA’S POND PINOT NOIR $70, 14.7%al. (Although opened later and still aa little cold, I think that this PN from Burt Williams vineyard, made by his daughter, was one of my favorites, and the groups favorites. Yet, it still seemed quite youthful)
CA. Cabs. and Italy (meat course)
   cab.,merlot, petit verdot, malbec & cab franc from George’s benchland and mountain vineyards_Ok, but not as good as the last bottle that I tried; therefore, somewhat disapointing)
11. 1991V.SATTUI WINERY SUZANNE’S VINEYARD ESTATE NAPA CABERNET, 13%al.,$65, (lots of ripe Napa fruit still)
12. 2001 JONES FAMILY VINEYARD CALISTOGA CABERNET SAUVIGNON 14.7al. $95, (The hands down favorite of everyone at our table, including me. Still made by Heidi Barrett with David Abreu managing their vineyard, Lots of ripe, dark, Napa fruit with many years to go)
13. 2009 FATTORIA DEL CERRO VINNO NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO 13.5% $20, (90& Sangiovese, 5% Colorino, 5% Mammolo,  recent 92 points by Parker,  Good, and well priced, but very young)
14. 2008 GUADO AL TASO, BOLGHERI DOC SUPERIORE, ANTINORI $110 (65% Cab, 20% Merlot, 12% Cab Franc, 3% Peiit Verdot, 98 points from the Wine Enthusist,  Very good, but very young, only time will tell if the 98 points are justified)
dessert wine
15. 2009 BANYULS RIMAGE, DOMAINE LA TOUR VIELLE $25, 16.5%al. ( I presented this wine {BANYULS} as my favorite wine to have with chocolate, and it seemed to be a group ffavorite with even those whom declined the chocolate.  It was also, nice to introduce the group to an area with which others were not familiar)
Again,  I do hope that each member found something to eat,and drink that was enjoyable.  The little notes that I made here are in no way ment to be definitive, but hopefully helpful.  Most of the rest of you probably have better notes to offer Scott for the site, since with cooking I did not even sit down to take tasting notes.
 P.S. Please let me know if you want some Banylus, and how much.

January 8, 2013 - Posted by | Group Tasting Notes

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