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WSR – Thanksgiving Feast 2011

Over the past few years the group has decided to do a Thanksgiving dinner and have everyone bring a wine of their choosing that they think will go best with the turkey, dressing, gravy and all the makings.   This year there was a little bit of everything across the spectrum of wines, see list below.  

 The Thanksgiving Dinner and tasting was put on by Richard R. and Linda and what a feast it was!  The champane openers were excellent that went with all the cheeses, olives and pate.  The turkeys were cooked to perfection along with stuffing, yams, potatoes, green beans and gravy.  Last but not least pumpkin pie to finish the night off!!  What a way to get the season off to a festive start and yes the wines were exceptional as well. 

Here was the line up for the wines and pardon the spelling mistakes and hope they can be corrected as I was reading the bottle labels off the pictures that were taken. 

1)      Artarelli – Balcana Verdelho

 2)      Dr Loosen – Weldener Somenalor Riesling  2009

 3)      Albarino – Paco Lola – Paso Robles

 4)      Carlson Vineyards – Cougar Run Dry Gewürztraminer

 5)      Mer Soleil Silver – Uncorked Chardonnay 2010-SantaLuciaHighlandsMontereyCA.

 6)      Peoret Jacquenart –Champagne

 7)      Brouilly – Joseph Druhin  -2009

 8)      Chenas – 2009 Hubert La Pierre

 9)      Morgon –CoteDu Bly

 10)  Patricia Green Cellers – Pinot Noir 2006Oregon

 11)  Anglum – Pinot Noir 2007 – Paso Robles

 12) Meridian– Pinot Noir – 1998Santa Barbara

 13)  Chapellet – Musgey les Charmes 1988

 14)  Gigondas – Domain le Goubet

 15)  Richards Granacha

 16)  Kenneth Volk Vineyards – Touriga – Paso Robles 2009

 17)  Preston Dry Creek Zinfandel 2007

 18)  Black Bart – Syrah

It was a lot of wine to go through but someone had to do it.  Tasting notes are in the comment section and I don’t think there were any group choice favorites just good wines!  Add your comments below.



November 23, 2011 - Posted by | Group Tasting Notes


  1. 1. Good Acidity, nice apple nose some sweetness. Good balance and nice finish
    2. Sweet apple, good acidity and balance
    3. Sweet fruity nose, nice fruit flavor in palette but too sweet on the back.
    4. Earthy, nice fruit nose. Good acidity and balance goes well with food.
    5. Chard nose, high acidity, makes my mouth salivate, not my style
    6. Very nice Rose’ champagne. Good with food.
    7. Dark fruit, earthy, dry good black fruit and very well balanced.
    8. Nice dark black fruit, good balance and went well with turkey dark meat.
    9. Peppery, good dark druit, slight bitterness on back end
    10. Earthy, light cherry nose, spice and med color, good balance and short finish
    11. Strawberry nose, light fruit, good balance and long finish. Best of the night for me.
    12. Austere, dark fruit, overripe fruit and some acidity on backend.
    13. well aged, brown rim, good fruit, earthy, good balance and long finish
    14. Wonderful fruit nose and in mouth, some tannins and tart, but good wine
    15. good dark fruit, strawberrys, some acidity and short finish
    16. Nice dark black fruit, good balance and roundness and good fruit finish, 2nd favorite of night.
    17. light fruit, good balance, some acidity on back and candied apple flavor.
    18. dark fruit, high alc. but fruit forward.

    I really liked the Anglum pinot and the Turiga best. the other pinots and champagne went very well with the food, but that was my take.

    Comment by WSRmember | November 23, 2011 | Reply

  2. I am really impressed with this list of wines! Especially the Pinot from Santa Barbara. That is one delicious wine and Santa Barbara especially is worth taking a look into for wine tasting. Great area full of a wide variety of wine. I travel to this beautiful place each year and splurge. Always stay at the South Coast Inn ( the vineyards favorite hotel!

    Comment by Martin | December 11, 2011 | Reply

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