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WSR – September 2010 – Coombsville Appellation (almost)

Running a little behind in posting but September on Charlene’s patio posed to be very interesting and enjoyable.  We started the evening with a Rose from Tahiti which was quite enjoyable and anyone traveling there should search this out.  We then went in to the flights tasting wines from is what to be a new California Appellation in the Napa Vally called “Coombsville”.  Currently there appears to be 12 vineyards in this general area.

This new wine making area has been in production for quite some time and the wines that were presented to us were quality wines, showing good style and flavors but not at the prices that Napa Valley is asking.  I found the Cabernet flight to be the best of the evening, followed on by the Blends.  They all went well with the food that was served.

If you are ever in the area and want to search out something new I would recommend taking a side trip from the Napa and Sonoma area and check them out.  Thanks to Charlene for introducing us to what will certainly become a wonderful wine making area.  What we tasted is listed below:

A. Porter Sandpiper Rose (2007) $20.00

B. Tahiti Rose (Rangiroa, French Polnesia (2009) $25

1.  2007 Ancien Pinot Noir $40
 (Doesn’t grow grapes, only makes Pinot Noir.  Ancien served at the White House multiple times)

2.  2007 Tulocay Syrah.  Haynes Vineyard $20
 (Bill Cadman, winemaker. Doesn’t grow grapes)

3.  2007 Black Cat vineyard Syrah $29
 (Bottle 63 of 1,900.  Tracey Reichow, owner and winemaker)

4.  2006 Farella Park vineyards. Merlot. Coombsville Divide $19
 (Founded in 1985. tom Farella leads the initiatve for the applelation)

5.  2005 Farella Park vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon $33

6.  2006 Frazier Cabernet Sauvignon $38

7.  2006 Porter Cabernet Sauvignon $60

8.  2006 Palmaz Cabernet Sauvignon $80
 (Historic vineyards since the 1880’s.  Argentine family operations, Cave-aged 22mo. in French oak. Gravity run)

9. 2004 Tournesol Proprietors blend $36
 (78% cab, 8% merlot, 6% CF, 5% melbec, 3% PV, Ann & bob Arns – Organic, Doesn not make wine, all made at Ancien Winery)

10. 2005 Farella Park Vineyards – Alta Bordeaux Blend $52
 (70% cab, 30% Merlot.  Gold medal SF international Wine Competition)

11. 2005 Sodaro Private Reserve Estate Blend
 (50% cab, 25% CF, 20% PV, 5% Malbec)

12. 2006 Frazier – Memento $66
 (Free run wines, new french oak)


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