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Weekend at the Santa Barbara Vineyards

Spring growth in the vineyards!

This past weekend was the Annual 2010 Santa Barbara Vitners Festival in the Santa Rita Hills area outside of Lompoc Ca.  A great event put on each year by  the local wineries and restaurants to showcase the 130 wineries in the area and bring food and merchandise to accompany a delightful afternoon in the park.  

 This year seemed to show very exceptional wines and after tasting them on Friday, Saturday and Sunday it made for an extended venture to quite a few of the wineries to taste and purchase wines.

Below are some of the wines and wineries that I found to be producing great wines and worth venturing to there wineries if in the area.  I do have to note that most all Syrah wines we tasted were excellent, Pinot Noir were hits and misses for me but the ones I liked and my taste will be noted below.  We also tried a few Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc’s that stood out too.

Andrew Murray
 – 08 Viognier ($12.50 sale)
        – Syrah, Esperance, Grenache ($30-50)  (Ok, i’m bias)

Gainey  – 07 Pinot Noir ($48)
  – 06 Syrah ($42)

Fess Parker
 – 08 Viognier ($24)
 – 06 Syrah. Am. Tradition ($50)
 – 06 – Pinot Noir – Ashleys ($50)

Foxen Canyon
 – 07 Pinot Noir, Bien NacidoVineyard Block 8 ($54)

Foley Estates
 – 06 Pinot Noir, Barrel Select ($50)

 – 08 Sav. Blanc ($12)
 – 05 Cab. Reserve ($50)
 – 07 Granche ($25)

  – 05 Pinot Noir, estate ($45)
  – 06 Pinot Noir ($35)
  – 06 Pinor Noir, fiddlestix ($45)

I am sure there are many more that didn’t make the list, but these were my favorites of the weekend.  If any of you have a chance to go to this event in the future I think they have finally got it down to where it all works and there is plenty of room for people to roam.



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