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Sharing our trip to Australia and New Zealand

At the risk of boring you, I am sharing the scrapbook of our recent trip to Australia and New Zealand.  After keeping you informed of the 6-week sojourn, I thought there might be bits and pieces some of you might enjoy, either to bring back memories of your own visits, or in case you don’t find your way there in the future.  The photos have captions which provide at least some explanation of what you see, and we hope they provide at least some measure of enjoyment. 

The link for the picasa website is:

As we said at the outset, we went to places this time that we missed in our trip from 20 years ago.  Thus, no Sydney, Great Barrier Reef, south Island of NZ.  Also, as I put these together and did captions, I was reminded once again that we wished we’d spent more time in the Perth area, and wished we had taken more photos of the countryside in that region.  The only cross-over we had was in Adelaide and Victor Harbor.  Our Thanksgiving visit to Victor Harbor involved dinner and staying with Meredyth Cunningham who we had met 20 years ago on the Nindethana Sheep Station north of Mildura.  She and her husband sold the station, moved to a farm at Keith.  He subsequently died and Meredyth found a home in Victor Harbor, a delightful location, and at the same age as Judy, has returned to teaching school.  What a retirement!
For those who might have only passing subject matter interest, here is a breakdown by slide number
Koalas – 214, 216, 233-237
Kangaroos – 379, 404-407
Emu – 422-424, 441, 486-487
Dolphins – 459-470, 473-476
Ayers Rock (Uluru) and the Olgas – 342-359
Alice Springs (which I described as Barstow w/red soil) – 365-369, 334-340 (I never did take a shot of downtown, it’s really a nice place with about 25,000 population)
Wineries and vineyards:
-New Zealand 29, 32, 34-37
-Yarra 92-97
-Tasmania 140-146
-Coonawarra 280-287
-McLaren Vale 300-308
-Margaret River 381-403, 411-412
-Pemberton 426-429
The only places I had winery appointments were d’Arenberg in McLaren Vale SA and Leeuwin in Margaret River WA.  Both were excellent visits and a great insight into Australian culture and business.
Several have asked what we enjoyed the best.  For me, I loved the Hawkes Bay area of NZ, and driving the Great Ocean Road was a singular experience, akin to driving the Big Sur coast in CA.  We loved Port Fairy.  We also enjoyed the Southwest, but I must admit the flies did get to us a time or two.  Funny that we avoided them on the trip 20 years ago, but we sure discovered the “Aussie salute” this trip.  Finding Hillier Bay was also a singular treat for me.
I hope they don’t bore you to death, and if you decide to make your own trek, we can offer all sorts of hints and advice.  After we got home, Judy opined that it never seemed we’d been away from home.  Australia, moreso than NZ, has really become an almost carbon copy of the US, except for the driving on the left side and the funny accents, and the wonderful expressions, like “Good on ya, Mate,” when you do something well.


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